The Victim: Brian Jackson
The Crime: Failure to stop and render aid
Date: Saturday, Oct. 6
Time: 3:45 a.m.
Location: 8100 block of East Northwest Highway

He jumped, but the car still struck him.

Brian Jackson and some buddies were walking back from an East Dallas party to a friend’s house.  It was late and there was construction going on in the area. Because of the road construction, there was no sidewalk and the friends were walking close to the curb.

As they walked a truck approached behind them. Jackson’s friend Dianshey Hall says Jackson was up ahead of him and he witnessed the crime.

“The car was coming fast and I told him to get out of the way,” Hall says of the scene. “He jumped out of the way, but the mirror still hit him.”

Jackson was knocked to the pavement and received a cut on his face. The impact knocked the mirror off of the truck. Hall says the truck then turned around and drove by slowly, but kept going. By law, police say someone in this situation is required by law to stop and render aid, call 911, or leave identification. Because it was dark witnesses were not able to get a description of the suspect or license plate number.

Jackson was transferred to Baylor Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Hall says his friend is recuperating, but was still pretty sore in the days following the injury.

Dallas Police Sgt. Keitric Jones of the Northeast Patrol Division says this case is suspended because there is no suspect information.

“This type of case is not common but it has happened,” he says. “We can suggest that people be conscious of their personal safety and try not walk on a busy highway that has no sidewalk in the middle of the night.”

He adds that areas like this under construction make walking at night even more dangerous.


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Number of bullets that hit Dallas police officer Matthew Wagner after someone opened fire on him and his partner, Rodney Choate, on Oct. 9


Time of morning the officers were patrolling the Wildflower Apartments in Vickery Meadow when the shooting started


Suspects in the case

Source: Dallas Police Department