Game over.

The Victim: Tim Arduino
The Crime: Burglary
Date: Friday, Sept. 9
Time: 2:03 p.m.
Location: 7200 block of Wake Forest

The Nintendo Wii was unveiled a few years ago, and the system revolutionized the industry, allowing kids and adults alike to get off the couch, grab a controller, and swing away in games such as tennis, golf and others requiring movement. The games allow for family-friendly competition, and Tim Arduino’s kids enjoyed swinging and moving in front of the TV.

Unfortunately, the fun was cut short recently thanks to a thief looking for a quick buck who wasn’t playing games.

“I got a call from the alarm company saying that someone had broken into my home,” says Arduino, who was at work at the time. “I had to call someone in Dallas to check it out. The guy just basically saw our mail in the mailbox and figured we weren’t at home.”

Luckily, the Arduinos have an alarm system that may have prevented the burglar from making off with more. The burglar went to the back of the home and made his move.

“He kicked in a dead-bolted door,” Arduino says. “He scrambled in and grabbed the Wii. Obviously the alarm was going off, so he got out of there. Later, they found it in a pawn shop in Lancaster.”

Fortunately, the Arduinos had kept the serial number of the game system, and police were able to recover it. The homeowner is now going through the process of having the Wii returned, and hopefully his kids will soon be swatting at pixilated tennis balls again.

Dallas Police Sgt. Keitric Jones of the Northeast Patrol Division says alarms can be an invaluable asset when a crime is underway.

“When you have an audible alarm, it prevents burglaries and can minimize property damage,” he says. “This also alerts neighbors that a burglary may be occurring, and the neighbors will notify the police department. This will also prevent in the loss of property.”

The Arduinos also made a great decision in recording serial numbers just in case their property is stolen, Keitric says.

“It’s very important to record serial numbers when you purchase any items that have a serial number because it gives us the ability to be able to recover the stolen property.”

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Block of Sudbury Drive near Skillman and Mockingbird where police say Charles Curtis Coxe struck his wife with a 20-pound dumbbell while she slept on the living room couch


Number of additional family members injured in the attack when Coxe allegedly proceeded to hit his 45-year-old son in the mouth with the dumbbell before picking up a knife and stabbing his two other sons, 35 and 29; everyone survived


Number of aggravated assault charges on which Coxe was held after his arrest

Source: Dallas Police Department crime statistics for Sept. 12-Oct. 12

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