Just saw this note on the DMN website: Angela Hunt announced a few minutes ago that her group has more than 48,000 signatures, more than enough to force a referendum on the issue this fall. More details as they come in.

Second update: How does 80,000 signatures sound? That’s what the Observer’s Jim Schutze is reporting. Note to Mayor Park Cities: That’s almost more signatures than the number of votes that you and your opponent totaled in the run-off. — Jeff Siegel

Third update: Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper has already started whining. Editoral writer Colleen McCann Nelson invoked the name of Zac Crain, whose mayoral petitions came up a bit short, and repeated the News’ mantra that that the logic for the referendum is mostly about "campaign slogans and sound bites." This, I think, requires a quote from Elvis Costello re The News: "I used to be disgusted. Now I try to be amused." — Jeff Siegel

Fourth update: No mention of petition drive success on blog at Plastic Surgery’s Favorite Local Magazine. No doubt they aren’t quite sure how something they opposed could actually take place. These sorts of things are not supposed to happen in their world. — Jeff Siegel

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