And the flooding comes after only a couple of days of rain. But, having seen city manager Mary Suhm on Tuesday, I feel safe and secure in the knowledge that the city will protect me. And drat that pesky Army Corps of Engineers. What does it know about levees and flooding anyway?

Suhm also said Tuesday that the steel for the Calatrava bridge should be in Houston within the week and then it’s only a quick trip up I-45 to the construction site. Which is good to know, because right now the city doesn’t have any place to put the steel. Engineers found sand in the levees at the bridge site, which is not a good thing. (Assuming the Corps isn’t just being difficult, in that way it has.) The sand may slow or even halt construction.

Finally, this, from the city’s webcam at the bridge site. That body of water in the back? That would be the Trinity at flood stage.

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