One more time: The Dallas mayor has nothing to do with education. Nothing. (There are times I’d even argue that the Dallas mayor has nothing to do with running the city, especially when I’m bouncing over pot holes.) That’s what the DISD board, bless its credit card corrupted soul, is for.

Education is not an issue in the runoff next month, no matter how much money the Construction Magnate spends to tell us it is. In fact, Los Angeles recently went through a similar experience, and the mayor there learned the same thing.

Again, as a public service, here are the issues in the runoff: How are we going to get more cops? What are we going to do about the Trinity referendum? Are we going to invest in the neighborhoods or keep giving money to real estate developers for downtown boondoggles? (I’d mention the libraries here, but it suddenly occurs to me that neither Leppert nor Ed Oakley have probably ever been in a Dallas library branch. So what’s the point?)

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