Buying a neighborhood restaurant with a 12-year history can be complicated. To last that many years, in Dallas restaurant history, is a long time.

“I had been looking for a long time for the right space, and I’m lucky enough that I was the person Felicia (the previous owner) wanted to sell it to,” says Sharon Hage, a former chef with the St. Germain hotel who bought the East Dallas restaurant, York Street, nearly a year ago.

“A big decision on my part to keep the name was that I just know this space as York Street,” she says. “It had a great local following and reputation.”

Not content to let many other things rest, Hage changes about one-third of the menu on a daily basis.

“It’s very much ingredient driven, based on what the produce person has in season. You know: ‘This looks good today.'”

The interior of the restaurant didn’t miss her eye either.

“The only thing that’s the same as before is basically the floor.”

Local wine writer Diane Teitelbaum consulted on York Street’s wine list, which doesn’t change but from which Hage picks and prints daily dish complements.

Hage still feels as though the concept of the New York Street is not much different than the old: “Even though the look of this place is much different than it was  in its previous incarnation, in my mind it’s still a neighborhood restaurant, with a chalkboard menu, but the chalkboard happens to be my computer at home.”

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