Cane Rosso is opening two sister businesses, Thunderbird Pies and Cow Tipping Creamery, next to its White Rock location.

The restaurants will open at 7328 Gaston Ave. in the space formerly occupied by craft brewery On Rotation, which closed in November to relocate to the Braniff Centre near Love Field. They are scheduled to open in March 2021.

Thunderbird Pies finds a permanent home after starting as a ghost kitchen in August. The location of Cow Tipping Creamery will be the brand’s fourth, but the first in Dallas. The soft-serve shop is also open in Austin, Frisco and Fort Worth.

Cane Rosso announced the news on Facebook, saying only a fool would open a pizza restaurant next door to another pizza restaurant.

“I am that fool!” the post said.

To be fair, Cane Rosso and Thunderbird Pies serve different types of pizza. If you’re craving wood-fire Neapolitan pizza, hit up Cane Rosso. For something a little heartier, try Thunderbird Pies’ Detroit-style pizza.

“Detroits have a more prominent butter flavor due to the oil that lines the steel baking pans and the use of Wisconsin brick cheese, which has a higher butter fat content than traditional mozzarella,” Thunderbird Pies pizza chef Lee Huntzinger said. “We also add white cheddar to the mix to give them even more flavor.”

They say only a fool would put a new pizza restaurant next door to his long-running, existing pizza restaurant. Well,...

Posted by Cane Rosso White Rock on Tuesday, December 29, 2020