City Council members Craig McDaniel, Chris Luna and I want you to know that the process of developing a neighborhood Traffic Management Study is near completion and ready for additional citizen input.

The following is a list of recommendations made by the City Manager for discussion with the community and for presentation to the City Council.

These recommendations are designed to stay within the guidelines that say the plan may not cause increased traffic on any streets due to street closure or traffic diversion and that there should be no increase in response time for fire and emergency medical services.

The recommendations are:

1) Construct a sound wall between McCommas and Monticello. Use landscaping treatment with irrigation between Vickery and Monticello, as well as McCommas and Martel.

2) Switch direction of existing stop signs from north-south to east-west on four intersections – Ridgedale at Worcola, Goodwin at Worcola, Miller at Worcola and Goodwin at Glencoe.

3) Reconfigure existing road humps to meet the latest specifications. Upgrade traffic speed advisory signs and “children at play” signs.

4) Prohibit right turns onto Martel from the frontage road to protect Glencoe Park from cut-through traffic.

5) Use landscaped chokers to discourage speeding. Neighbors and the City will share this cost based on a policy similar to the road hump program. ) This provision is subject to vehicular speed and traffic volume criteria, as well as funding availability.)

6) Install a new traffic signal at Monticello and Greenville if warranted by a traffic study.

7) Consider additional stop signs as warranted.

8) Review successes, failures and modifications of the plan on an ongoing basis.

At press time, this plan was tentatively scheduled for Council consideration Oct. 23 or Nov. 13. Three meetings have been held to receive input and recommended modifications to this proposal. The three of us would very much like to hear your comments. Please fax them to 214-670-5117 or drop us a note at 1500 Marilla, Suite 5FN, Dallas 75201. If your homeowners association has taken a position on this plan, please let us know, as well.