We must take a test to receive a driver’s license, yet when it comes to owning a pet, you pretty much have to rely on good old common sense.

Many people don’t realize there are City requirements for pet ownership. Here is a summary of the applicable City ordinances.

1. All dogs and cats more than three months old must be vaccinated against rabies annually.

2. All dogs and cats must be registered annually. Registration fees are: unsterilized, $15; sterilized, $7; owner over 65, $7; and animals less than six months old, $7.

3. The City registration tag is valid for one year from the date of the rabies vaccination and must be worn at all times.

4. Dogs and cats must be restrained in a fenced yard or enclosed structure, or by a leash at all times. Pet owners failing to comply with this ordinance are subject to receiving citations, impoundment of the animal, or both.

5. Owners of nondomesticated animals must make an application for a “prohibited animal permit” through the City of Dallas Animal Control Division. Call 670-7436 for information.

6. Failure to comply with public health or sanitation provisions of the ordinance carries a maximum fine of $2,000. All other offenses carry a maximum fine of $500.

As for services related to pets, call the Animal Control division (670-7436) to report stray or injured animals. For dead animal removal, call 747-2600.

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