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A couple of our neighbors are spreading holiday cheer across all parts of their property this year.

Collin Coale and his wife, Sydney, closed on their home at the corner of Skillman and Prospect in October. They were surprised that the property had been on the market for 14 days before they submitted an offer.

“The feedback we got from our Realtor was just that people were uncomfortable with the bus stop being right there. And I was like, what? I lived in New York for a while, so I’m fairly familiar with public transit,” Coale says.

There’s a bus stop, No. 13397, on the edge of their lot.

They decided to decorate it with festive, colorful string lights, a wreath and red bows.

“I hate that public transit puts a bad taste in people’s mouths,” Coale says. “So why not try and dress it up a little bit, make it feel more a part of the neighborhood, not quite such an eyesore, if that’s what people think it is.”

So far, neighbors on the Coales’ street have responded positively to the decorations.

Plus, Coale made a Nextdoor post about the bus stop. Reactions there have been glowing, too.

“This is so cute!” Lauren Miller wrote.

“What a great idea and wonderful way to spread holiday cheer,” Angela Chase said.

DART has been silent from the conversation. Coale says he tagged the organization on social media, and it has yet to respond in any way.

In the future, the Coales are considering decorating the stop for other holidays, putting out water bottles near the stop or adding a seat cushion. Another idea is asking local restaurants to donate meals to the people waiting.

“You just never know who needs something,” Coale says.