The Accommodation, the seminal work on race and racism in Dallas, written by East Dallas-based journalist Jim Schutze, with a forward from Oak Cliff resident, activist and commissioner John Wiley Price, re-published by local company Deep Vellum, now is available in audiobook form on Google Play. And the narrator’s voice is one well-known around this fair burgh’.

Patriarch of Dallas radio — co-founder and host for 26 years on the The Ticket — Mike Rhyner narrates the eight-hour listen. Rhyner, also an erstwhile East Dallas dweller and Kimball High School alumnus, says he’s “honored” to be the voice of Schutze’s “superbly meaningful work.”

“… if you want to know how things got to be this way in Dallas, it’s all here …,” The Old Grey Wolf says.

Mike Rhyner

Rhyner grew up in Oak Cliff and lived in the Casa Linda area for a time. In 1999 (and again in 2012), he took some time to talk to The Advocate about The Ticket, fairly new and groundbreaking at the time, and life with his family in the neighborhood — it’s extensive, and you can read here.

Rhynes also is a member of the band Petty Theft, which you can catch around town, and the host of the Your Dark Companion podcast.

Jim Schutze was with Dallas Observer for many years and, well, in his twitter bio he describes himself as “Old-school newspaper guy, retired, ought to shut the hell up, but …”

According to a post he penned for D Magazine, The Accommodation “tanked” upon its first publication 30 years ago, but was republished by Will Evans at Deep Vellum in 2021 as part of “a series of books to explore national issues at a hyperlocal level,” something that keenly interested Schutze, as that is basically his whole thing.

Listen to a sample or buy the audiobook for $25.95 here.

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