Some dogs like to play fetch. Then there’s Bradley. He’s obsessed with it. The miniature schnauzer loves his ball so much that owner Bob Adams has to hide it in the refrigerator to keep his pet from finding it. In fact, the 9-year-old dog can turn anything into a game of chase. “He likes to race me to the front door,” Adams says. “When I go to my mom’s house out in the country, he’ll chase deer into the forest and then come back and be like, ‘Look what I did.’ He makes up games like that.” But Bradley isn’t all play. One day, when he was staying with a neighbor, he started barking and alerted his caregiver to a fire that ignited on a fence across the street. All the attention may have gone to his head. Since Adams adopted him from a friend two years ago, Bradley struts around Lakewood Heights in his mohawk and special outfits. “He walks around like the king of the neighborhood,” Adams says. “Every dog on the street loves him. My neighbors say, ‘My dog barks at every other dog but Bradley.’” Look for Bradley at his favorite neighborhood haunts: MUTTS, Hollywood Feed, White Rock Lake and Tietze Park.

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