Forgive me if I lose attention during the run up to the runoff, but trying to pick between The Construction Magnate and the Trinity Toll Road Cheerleader is like picking between a broken arm and a broken leg. (Which means I’ll have to agree to disagree with Back Talk pal Mike Davis.)

Yesterday, Tom Leppert said the mayor didn’t have the authority to tear down crime ridden apartment buildings, which is one of Ed Oakley’s campaign pledges. No kidding. Just like the mayor doesn’t have the authority to meddle with the Dallas schools? (A friend of mine, who works for the DISD and is a native Texan, noted that Leppert is obviously not from here. Otherwise, he would know that that the Independent in DISD is there to stop municipalities from interfering with the way the schools are run.)

Can I write in Marvin Crenshaw on June 16?

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