I needed to pick up lunch for a a vendor of mine doing some rush jobs. They asked for something of quantity over quality, so I stopped by Taco Joint at Peak and Gaston. In a surprise, I was able to get both quality and quantity!

Apparently, the place is run by some recent college grads who claim they found a secret taco recipe in a bottle on the banks of the Guadalupe River. The menu is more expansive that you might think for a "joint". I was fourth in line, but by the time I left, the line was basically 15-20 deep. I later learned it was featured in the Observer this week. That would explain the long lines.

The decor is simple and plain. The salsas are good (tomatillo, salsa roja, and jalepeno ranch). They also clearly want Keri Mitchell to become a frequent patron as they have the small "Sonic" style ice.

Onto the food. It was pretty good. Not great, but I will go back. I am pretty picky when it comes to Mexican food since I am former border rat from El Paso. In fact, I hate Tex-Mex with a passion.(** If you want some killer tacos, go to Chico’s in El Paso.) However, the taco shells were definitely handmade and the meat was good. I also had a chicken fajita soft taco which was very good and plenty large.

Finally, my vendors thought the food was GREAT. If none of this convinces you to go, how about $6 for 3 tacos, rice and beans and a drink?

The hours are funky …

Breakfast M-F 6:30am to 11am
Lunch – M-F 11am to 2pm
Sat – Breakfast ONLY – 8am – 1pm

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