If the thought of baked goods of all sorts of flavors makes your mouth water and your heart rate increase, then Dallas Affaires Cake Co. is the kind of place you’re likely to pay repeated visits.

This little bakery on Abrams is bursting with cakes, brownies, bars and more. Upon entering, there’s a little display area off to the right that shows the day’s offerings. On a recent visit, they were Kahlua brownies, pumpkin cheesecake bars, coffeecake smothered in sour cream sauce, Chambord brownies and lemon bars, among others.

But this part of Dallas Affaires isn’t likely to be the first thing even the most dedicated sweet tooth notices. The place is best known for its cakes, such as the Christmas-themed wedding cake shown here.

Just about every flat surface is taken over by an assortment of colorful and creative themed cakes – princess and Barbie themed birthday cakes, a cake festooned with sombreros, cacti and margarita glasses, a heart-shaped cake that looks like a hatbox. Visitors can see employees laboring over works in progress just beyond the front counter, and there’s an excellent chance you’ll see a bride-to-be-fretting over fondant, buttercream and the remarkable choice of fillings.

Slice of cake and bars and brownies are available for very reasonable prices. Throw a cup of coffee in with a brownie, and you’ll pay just $1.89. That’s as much as you’d pay for just the coffee at other establishments.

Dallas Affaires Cake Co.
2307 Abrams

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