Look for a Sunflower-to-Sprouts sign change any day now.

When we first learned about the all-natural grocery store opening at Henderson and Ross, we heard is was called Sunflower. Then we learned it was going to be called Newflower, which it was, for a while, until its name changed to Sunflower, which is what it is now, but only for a short time.

Still with me? OK. As you may recall, we reported in May that Sprouts was going to take over Sunflower, and now Monet Hopkins, publicist, tells us that that change will happen soon — the Sunflower signage will change to Sprouts.

Sprouts acquiring Sunflower increased it to a $2 billion dollar company in 8 states, she tells us, and the signage is about to change.

Also, as Sunflower and Sprouts merged, the corporations auctioned off excess equipment and donated $100,000 of the earnings to the victims of the Aurora, CO shooting victims.

There will be a check presentation at the Aurora Sprouts this week.

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