I strolled by Lakewood Shopping Center’s Bebe Grand recently and saw huge signs in the windows. “Changing direction — 30 percent off sale,” the signs read. That sale applies to everything in the store, and some items are marked down even more.

When I asked owner Susan O’Neil what direction she is heading, she would say only, “It’s a surprise.” Not to her, of course, but right now she’s staying mum on the subject, save for the fact that Bebe Grand is going through an entire concept change over the next few weeks. Another customer asked her if the new concept would still include children’s items, and  O’Neil didn’t say one way or the other. Why the change? To keep life interesting, she says.

Stay tuned for what’s to come at Bebe Grand — or whatever it might be called next.  O’Neil also advised me to keep checking back for new items that would continue to be delivered and sold at discounts.

Another store undergoing transformation is Green Beans at the northwest corner of Mockingbird and Abrams. The store opened as a resale boutique in 2009, but recently closed and placed signs in the windows stating it would reopen as a toy boutique. Today is the first day it is open to the public.

The consignment and resale concept “just wasn’t really working out for us,” says Green Beans employee Quinn Coffman. But the toy section of the store was more successful, so that’s where Green Beans decided to refocus. It is now Green Beans Toy Boutique, selling toys for children from newborns up to 13 years of age. The store no longer carries clothes, but still has hair bows and such.

In other neighborhood children’s boutique news, Little Bean on Junius officially begins its spring/summer 50 percent off sale next Thursday, Aug. 23, to make way for fall clothing.

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