Who is she? Sunelle Sutherland owned used car dealerships in Dallas, including one in Bryan Place. Image courtesy of the Dallas Morning News Historical Archives.

Miss Sunelle Sutherland opened a used car dealership on Cedar Springs in 1951, when she was about 23.

Check her creds:

  • First woman to receive a license from the City of Dallas to sell used cars
  • Originally from East Texas, namely Winnsboro, in Wood and Franklin counties
  • Worked for a used car dealer in Dallas for two years before striking out on her own
  • Kept a sign over the entrance: “I’m just a poor little girl from the country, so don’t take advantage of me”

Was she a major babe? I don’t think she would mind if I say so.

Later she was on Live Oak, directly across from Exall Park, when she had this kick-ass postcard printed.

Sue’s Used Cars on Live Oak in the Bryan Park neighborhood of Dallas. Image courtesy of digitalcommongwealth.org.

What a boss babe.

If you think it might’ve been somewhat easy, or whatever, consider that this was her competition: literal Boss Hogg.

Boss Hogg, Dallas car dealership, vintage postcard

R.K. “Cowboy” Cannon Used Cars. Image courtesy of digitalcommonwealth.org.

Bless you, the possible descendants of R.K. “Cowboy” Cannon who may be out there. But y’all’s grandpa was Boss Hogg, for real. Oh, Dallas!

There’s not much online about Sutherland other than what you see above, but she is buried at Restland Memorial Park.