Newly renovated Lakewood Shopping Center clock. (Photo courtesy of Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen)

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen is closed for a few more months of renovations. (Photo courtesy of Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen)

McKinney transplant Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen is closed for renovations, despite remodeling the entire space when they moved in less than year ago, and restoring the beloved clock that hangs above the restaurant space.

A Sugarbacon manager who declined to provide his name says the Lakewood Shopping Center eatery will be closed for three to four months, but did not provide any detail about why the renovations were necessary.

This sign was taped inside the front door of Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen on July 17.

The restaurant took over the space from long-time resident Dixie House, which served cost-effective Southern delights at that location for more than 35 years. There is some disagreement about why Dixie House left the location. Dixie House said they were forced out by Lincoln Properties even though the business was doing well financially, while Lincoln Properties said Dixie House missed rent payments when The Black-Eyed Pea, Dixie House’s parent company, went bankrupt.

In May, Lincoln Properties sold the historic shopping center, which includes the still-vacant Lakewood Theater, to Stockdale Investment Group. Lincoln had owned the center since 2011 and made a number of improvements.

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