“Walking Near Water” by Sue Benner. Published by Herring Press.

A textile artist who lives in our neighborhood often takes walks along White Rock Lake.

“I walk for many reasons — for my health and spirit, to observe nature, to witness beauty,” says Sue Benner. “I can walk the same path repeatedly and find new delights every time. While walking, the world unfolds at a pace that is calming. It’s just the right speed for pausing, looking and taking a photo.”

Benner began exploring photography at White Rock Lake five years ago. What resulted was a 176-page dust-jacketed collection of iPhone photos, Walking Near Water: An Artist’s View of White Rock Lake.

Since 1981, Benner has been creating award-winning art quilts and is represented in private, institutional and corporate collections in the United States and across the world.

Her degrees in molecular biology and biomedical illustration shape her pieces. And she plants to make a series of art quilts inspired by some of the book’s images.

The book, which includes brief essays by local nature and wildlife experts and lake supporters, is available for $40. A donation will be made to For the Love of the Lake and the White Rock Lake Foundation for each book sold.