Photo by Lori Bandi

Dallas leads the nation in drunk drivers, according to D Magazine, and this weekend will undoubtedly have some buzzed people behind the wheel, since New Year’s Eve is the one of deadliest nights of the year, when fatal alcohol-induced accidents are 40 percent more likely.

Dallas Police are cracking down with a “No Refusal DWI Initiative,” which means between Dec. 30-Jan. 3, anyone suspected of driving while intoxicated who refuses to breathalyzer will be automatically taken in for a blood test in an effort to keep drunk drivers off the road.

While we’re talking safety, police also remind neighbors not to shoot guns in the air to celebrate the New Year for the obvious reason that it is incredibly dangerous, as falling bullets still have the potential to kill.

Ok, back to booze. Since it is the time of national excess, we dug around Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s website and found the top 10 booziest businesses in our neighborhood, as determined by September 2016 sales (thus, B.Y.O.B. spots wouldn’t make this list, and places where cocktails set you back more than $10 a piece will rank higher than a dive bar with $2 beers).

  1. HG Sply Co: $383,060
  2. Truck Yard: $289,513.88
  3. Henderson Tap House: $197,602.99
  4. The Old Monk: $185,731.94
  5. Bombones: $182,580.90
  6. Meso Maya: $148,387.91
  7. Goodfriend: $122,510
  8. Lakewood Country Club: $113,133.88
  9. Mi Cocina: $104,152.99
  10. The Goat: $70,793.88

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