Lakewood-area artist Dahlia Woods, the subject of an Advocate feature a few years back, has a new show opening up at her gallery.  Titled Slow Cooked and Hickory Smoked, the exhibit features work from eleven artists — two who are currently being featured and nine who are new.  

Following along with the theme, the exhibit, looks to give a "taste of each artist" by showcasing four to six pieces from each.  The art doesn’t follow just one particular style — the exhibit showcases art ranging from realistic to abstract, with paintings, mosaics, sculptures, and shadow boxes, resulting in what Woods and co. hope is a "magical mystery tour" for the average person.

The grand opening of the show is this Friday, July 10th, from 6:00 to 8:30, and the show runs through August 15th.  Entry to the show is free, and more details can be found here, on the Dahlia Woods Gallery website. 

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