Single Wide (photo by Brittany Nunn)

Single Wide (photo by Brittany Nunn)

No need to be concerned about the proposed rezoning sign in Single Wide‘s window. They’re not going anywhere — or changing anything, for that matter.

Single Wide is one of the few bars that made it through the Lower Greenville Planned Development District that was approved in January 2011. The planned development rezoned Lowest Greenville from Belmont to Ross and forced late-night businesses to apply for a Specific Use Permit (SUP) in order to stay open past midnight. Single Wide is one of the bars granted an SUP during that process. (Read our story about the transformation of Lowest Greenville for more background.)

Now Single Wide’s special use permit is coming to an end, so if the establishment wants to stay open past midnight it has to reapply, which explains these proposed rezoning documents.

The district’s councilman Philip Kingston says he hasn’t heard of any complaints from neighbors against Single Wide, so they’ll likely get the renewal they’re seeking. They might even get a longer permit.

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