Some people can only “read” this article by listening to it. North Texas Taping and Radio for the Blind enables thousands of visually impaired persons throughout the Metroplex and the nation to enjoy newspapers, magazines and books. The 28-year-old non-profit organization offers daily radio programs that can be heard only on a special radio provided by the agency.

In addition, the United Way-supported agency records textbooks and literature for more than 80,000 school children and even records requests from clients who send in their own books.

However, none of this would be possible without volunteers like neighborhood resident Sue Kate Webb. A volunteer for 23 years, Webb reads textbooks every Wednesday afternoon and says she enjoys history and literature the best. She says she admires the people to whom she reads.

Volunteers must audition to become readers, and once selected, set their own reading schedules. The agency always needs new readers. For those who prefer not to read, the agency also offers behind-the-scenes opportunities. In addition to providing clerical and data entry assistance, volunteers can oversee the tape duplicating process and troubleshoot for problems with the tapes.

At North Texas Taping and Radio for the Blind, volunteers both with microphones and without help thousands enjoy the gift of reading. For information about this or other volunteer opportunities, call the Volunteer Center at (214) 826-6767.

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