A Dallas theater company who puts on summer performances in Samuell-Grand Park has received threatening emails connected to a play they aren’t even showing.

Shakespeare Dallas, who is set to open “The Merry Wives of Windsor” at Samuell-Grand this week, has received threats in connection with a politically charged “Julius Caesar” production being performed by The Public Theater in New York City’s Central Park.

The New York performance portrays Julius Caesar, who is stabbed in the play by his fellow lawmakers, in Trump’s trademark business suit and long tie. Controversy ensued over the presidential look-alike being murdered on stage. Delta Airlines and Bank of America have pulled their sponsorship of the event amid the conflict, but the theater still began performances this week.

Shakespeare Dallas’ executive and artistic director told NBC DFW that he was shocked to receive a slew of violent emails, especially since Shakespeare Dallas is not affiliated with The Public Theater in new York, not is it showing “Julius Caesar” this summer.

“I hope you’re not part of the same organization in New York City,” said one anonymous sender to Shakespeare Dallas, according to NBC DFW. “If so, I hope you lose all your funding and go out of business.”

Some were more explicit.

“We should send all you freaks to ISIS,” another read. “They would eliminate your stench on this earth with real knives.”

Shakespeare Dallas’ “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” with no presidential lookalikes, opens this weekend at Samuell-Grand Park.

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