Since I began running seriously last summer, the sport has become a pretty big part of my life and through it I’ve met loads of interesting people. Most of the runners I’ve met seem to be particularly high-achieving people who dabble in myriad interests and obsessions — if you haven’t noticed, I regularly run into fellow runners, either in person or in cyberspace, who end up on the pages of the Advocate.

There was Jayson Bales, who ran the White Rock Marathon to raise funds for the Carter Albrecht foundation, and Ryan Bintz, a marine who rallied his troop to participate in a Dallas half marathon from oversees, and Melisa Christian, an elite runner and a neighborhood dentist who is faster than anyone else I know. This month, I introduce readers to Dave Douglas. He sold me a sweet pair of Mizunos at Run On! a few weeks ago.

As we chatted over footwear, I learned he a big music buff who has been mixing music at Cafe Izmir almost since its inception. The owner later told me Dave is the sound of Cafe izmir — especially on famous Tuesday customer appreciation night. Read more here about Roberts — athlete, shoe guru, musician and all around cool guy.

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