Sale items at CitySquare’s Urban Thrift Store. (Photo by Hannah Ridings)

Everything must go at an Old East Dallas antique store that is closing after nearly 60 years in business.

But is it really? The Ross at Peak Thrift Store has appeared to be going out of business for decades thanks to the “Everything Must Go” sign that was painted above the door when it opened in the 1960s.

This time, it appears to be true. Owner Mitchell Rasansky told the Dallas Observer the building is being sold to a developer. He added that he does not plan to sell the property to a townhome developer.

Rasansky, who has owned the business since 2003, said it was possible the shop could move to another property he owns on or near Ross Avenue, according to the Observer.

Ross at Peak is geared more toward professional interior designers, but any bargain hunter should buy themselves some joy before this neighborhood staple falls to gentrification.