Buy yourself some joy, thanks to Marie Kondo

You’ve rearranged your T-shirts into identically folded, color-coded squares. You’ve categorized items in your garage. You’ve donated old pots and pans, sweaters and electronics to a nearby thrift store.

Bets are rarely safe, but we’ll take our chances and assume your sudden desire to declutter is not part of a New Year’s resolution. Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show has invaded your brainwaves. All you can think about is sparking joy.

So forgive us, Marie Kondo, for what we’re about to suggest. We’re not trying to discourage you from organizing kitchen utensils. We are merely pointing out that now is a great time to peruse your neighborhood thrift store. As your neighbors purge the contents of their house, you can stock up on gently-used items.

Here’s where to go in (and around) East Dallas:

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