I’m sure most of you heard this story about a week ago about a gruesome murder in Richardson — warning: this story isn’t for the easily grossed out. When the story was first reported, the victim was essentially described as a crack-addicted hooker…which wasn’t untrue. But this weekend DMN story reveals that the 20-year old, in fact had a family and they live right here in our neighborhood. She was also mother (biologically anyway) to a 3-year-old girl. Her family says

she suffered from an out-of-control drug addiction that started when she experimented with cheese heroin at North Dallas High School. The girl was troubled, yes, but she might have benefited from treatment had these monsters not taken her young life. Her sister, pictured here (I must note, wearing a questionable fashion accessory) is right: no one deserves to die that way. I hope they let these guys sober up enough to comprehend what they did (though I doubt they will care) and then let ’em rot for the rest of their miserable lives.

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