They say you shouldn’t eat sushi on Monday, but half of everything in Oak Cliff is closed on Monday night, so we went in anyway. Zen Sushi chef/owner Michelle Carpenter offers half-price sushi on Monday. We got the fried tofu roll for $2.50, and it rocked with a little wasabi and soy sauce. We also tried the vegetable roll, which has asparagus and shredded carrots and beets — fresh and delicious. Also, hot sake is $3.

We ordered fried baby octopus from the sharing menu, which comes with mixed greens and a vinegary sauce. We discovered it was better to dip the greens in the sauce and let the octopus stay crunchy. We also ordered beef tataki, which is thin slices of seared tenderloin, served on a bed of super-thin red onions. Yes! So tender and … yes.

Then for dessert — I asked for the menu, fully expecting to see nothing more exciting than green tea ice cream. But our server said, "We have a lot of great desserts, but we’re most famous for our chocolate soufle." Enough said. I didn’t even look at the menu. We ordered another hot sake and waited the 20 minutes for our soufle to cook. It was perfect — spongy on the edges and soupy in the middle. About halfway through, I said, "Please don’t let me eat this whole thing by myself." But I was just being polite.

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