Could Molly Maguire’s be the latest Lakewood watering hole to close its doors? Landlords locked Molly’s owners out this weekend. We sent an email to owner Joey Burzynski Monday, but he hasn’t responded yet.

If Molly’s does close, it would be the third Lakewood hot spot to close. Lakewood Bar & Grill closed recently, and Lakewood Tavern will close in October.

In other restaurant news, Café Lago is for sale. Owner Gabriela Kovacic told Pegasus News she wants to sell the business, which she has owned for 10 years.

“The more I think about what I want to do with Lago and I see how it’s evolved the more I realize that it is like a chronic newborn – no matter what you do, that baby may keep on crying!” she said in an email.

We featured Café Lago in the September Advocate. It was one of the first dog-friendly restaurants in Dallas.


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