Bonchon on Greenville: Advocate staff

*Updated 11/25 at 10 a.m.* The staff at BonChon restaurant and bar on Greenville Ave. is working its collective tail off to open Dec. 7.

There is still much to do—more service positions to fill, equipment to install and an inspection to pass, general manager Stewart Murray says. “It’s tough — a challenge to get things done over the holiday — but we are shooting for Dec. 7.”

BonChon is still looking to fill some of  these job openings, Murray says. (“We especially are still looking for a bartender and servers, if you could help get the word out,” he implores.)

While BonChon has restaurants all over the world, there never has been one in Texas. Those familiar with BonChon and its chicken-centric Korean fusion fare, judging by social media commentary, seem giddy regarding its Old Town Shopping Center arrival (between Lovers and Southwestern).

The chain whose chicken wings Food & Wine called the best in the U.S., also intends to gain the favor of craft beer connoisseurs.

“We have 18 draft beers.  Two are regular domestics; the rest are craft beers,” Murray notes.


Bonchon chicken:

Bonchon chicken:

The eatery serves not only an innovative style of fried chicken, but also Asia-inspired salads, potstickers and pancakes, to name a few.

BonChon originated in Korea and has grown to include 30 U.S. stores 70 scattered about Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

This is not only its first Texas store, but also the first BonChon in the entire south central region.

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