A firm believer in preserving our neighborhood, Anne Good interviews neighborhood residents who have comprehensive, first-hand knowledge of community history. She has been involved with the oral history program at Lakewood Library since 1972.

“Our oral history is the only one in Texas that reflects the growth of a community,” Good says. When the Lakewood Library opened in 1972, director Dorothy Anderson wanted to implement a program that would create and maintain neighborhood interest in the library.

“The decision to create an oral history program was made, and I was recruited to oversee a group of individuals who were to do the interviews for the oral history section.

“I was to make an outline to go along with each interview – a condensed written version of what was included on the cassette. By the time I finished outlining several interviews, I was up to my ears in oral history and never wanted to stop.”

Good says 121 people have been taped, with a total interviewing time of 300 hours.

“The most interesting tapes are the first ones,” Good says. “Anna Fritz and Gertrude Wilkes talked about the earliest days in East Dallas, and everything that follows fits into what they said.”

As a result of working with the oral history program, Good and Gerald Saxon, director of oral history in the Downtown library, decided to publish the interviews in 1984 as part of the book “Reminiscences: A Glimpse of Old East Dallas”. The book is available at the Lakewood Library and the Downtown library for checkout.

Since publishing the book, Good has done 23 interviews. As a member of the Lakewood Library Friends, and organization of more than 200 people who provide services for the library, she continues to preserve neighborhood history by producing cassette tapes and outlines of their contents.

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