A prayer box at the reception desk in Lakewood Towers.

People longed for new ways to connect with one another in 2020. Yet Tim Slaughter, managing partner at Caddo Holdings, was still floored by the responses when he put prayer boxes inside his properties.

“It’s amazing. There have been quite a few [requests],” Slaughter said. “In Lakewood, we’ve had more than any other place.”

Slaughter is a member of C12, a group of Christian CEOs that seeks to minister to people through their businesses. In November, he decided to give the prayer boxes a try.

“We haven’t made a big deal about it. It’s there, and it’s something we’re trying,” he said. “We figured there are a lot of people who are isolated. If ever there was a time that people needed prayer, we figured it would be now.”

Boxes are located in all Caddo Holdings buildings where there is a front desk. Visitors can submit their prayer requests using pens and slips of paper located next to the box.

Slaughter empties the boxes weekly, scans the prayer requests to his computer and puts them on a shared folder that his team can access. He receives four or five requests per week, and each one is prayed over multiple times.

Sometimes the request is just a name with no explanation. Others leave specific details about a difficult situation. Several people ask for peace in our country.

“It’s been really interesting and hopefully helpful,” Slaughter said. “A tenant submitted one, and we followed up and learned the outcome was favorable. It may not always be that way, but at least we can give encouragement.”

The prayer box isn’t necessarily a permanent fixture, but Slaughter said it will continue as long as it makes sense to tenants and visitors of the buildings.

“We’re not saying you have to believe what we believe, just do you have something you want us to pray about?” Slaughter said. “It’s led to some interesting personal dialogue and empathy. We’re just looking for ways to connect with the neighborhood.”

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