Porky the Pothole Pig on Abrams Road between Glenrose and Lakeshore.

It’s been a while since our old friend Porky has protected our vehicles from pesky potholes on neighborhood streets. After seeing this crater on Abrams Road between Glenrose Court and Lakeshore Drive, he decided to come out of retirement.

In this sneaky pothole in front of Lakewood United Methodist Church, much of the asphalt has been peeled away to the base level of the street. But there’s just enough of the cracked asphalt to make it tricky for motorists to see as they’re driving south on Abrams.

You barely have time to brace for impact before your tire hits the edge and thuds into the hole.

This pothole is just one reason why Porky hates driving along this stretch of Abrams. For a few blocks, the street is a series of jagged edges, small potholes and shabby patch jobs. It’s a rough ride for a pig who is about the size of an 8.5-by-11 inch sheet of paper.

We’ve reported this pothole to the City of Dallas’ 311 online portal. The report number is 20-00219200 if you want to follow along. The estimated response time is three days, with a service followup five days later. We’re watching to see if it gets fixed.

Got a pothole in need of Porky’s assistance? Email the location to jdunaway@advocatemag.com.

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