In April, Stonelake Capital Partners filed the request to rezone an 0.8-acre plot from a neighborhood services district to a commercial retail district.

The request to rezone the property on the northeast corner of Skillman and Oram recently was “denied with prejudice,” ending the surrounding neighbors’ concerns and months of speculation of what Stonelake might do with the building.

Stonelake Capital Partners requested, because of neighborhood opposition to their zoning change application, they be allowed to withdraw their application altogether, says City Plan Commissioner Paul Ridley.

However, the City Plan Commission would not allow Stonelake Capital Partners to withdraw their application because it was too close to the public hearing date and had already been advertised, Ridley says.

Instead, the Austin-based investment firm requested their application be denied without prejudice, which would allow them to submit another application at a later date, he said.

Ridley, though, supported the neighborhood residents’ position and made a motion to deny Stonelake’s application with prejudice, which bars Stonelake from reapplying for a period of two years, he says. The City Plan Commission unanimously approved the motion.

Ridley says he believes the issue is permanently resolved unless Stonelake wants to appeal the denial to the Dallas City Council.

“But I don’t think they’re going to change the denial,” Ridley says.

Stonelake last year purchased the Skillman-Oram property and the Skillman Live Oak Center, the strip of shops on the east side of Skillman between Oram and La Vista, as well as the retail triangle that houses Wine Therapist, CrossFit White Rock and what will soon be The Mecca.

As a result, the center’s decades-old sign was replaced and a couple of stores moved. Paperbacks Plus, which had been in the Lakewood area for 35 years, moved to 10801 Garland Road, near Casa Linda Bakery. The Consignment Solution moved across the street. Replacing it will be Matt’s Rancho Martinez, which lost its Lakewood shopping center lease to Mi Cocina.

Stonelake also owns a grass field a couple blocks west of the triangle, on the east side of Mecca (the street, not the restaurant) between Lewis and La Vista. It had asked the city to rezone the land and allow for a parking lot there, but later withdrew the request.

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