The new Matt’s erects vintage sign

A vintage-looking sign is up at the new Matt’s Rancho Martinez on Skillman at La Vista. What do you think? Pretty snazzy.

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  • G_David

    Cool sign, just wish their food wasn’t so stunningly mediocre. And now that Mi Cocina has taken their old spot, there are TWO places to avoid like the plague in our neighborhood. Just can’t understand why the sheep flock to joints like this when there is so much better so close by.

  • Markus

    This is fantastic. The closing of the street will make a nice family friendly area to gather. We cant wait. Watch a game, play with kids, have some food. Could not be better. I can’t imagine why some of the colonialists on Swiss Avenue are opposed to this. 
    Fine that they have there own thing…let them fence it off. But let others in the area have things that we can all enjoy…not everyone is 60 years old and lives in million dollar homes !!!!

  • Lakewood Hills Fans

    Matt’s, you can’t open soon enough for us – we’ve missed your food, staff, margaritas and friendly family atmosphere! Count us “back” as loyal customers once you reopen, just keep the rest the same and we’ll be happy! I’m especiialy looking forward to my chicken fried steak and chile relleno fix (not to mention the best hanburger in town)! Being small business owners ourselves, we’ve also appreciated all you’ve had to go through to keep your business going. Good for you, we say! Big kudos from a couple of loyal fans of 20 years!

  • We are so ready for the opening!

  • Dennie

    I am sorry they had to move, but I think the new place looks GREAT. And the sign is super cool. I’m also glad they still have the big mural. I can’t wait to go suck down some ‘ritas and some Mexican food. Yummers!