Over the past few weeks, construction crews have been steadily chipping away at Arboretum Village, the shopping center at the Gaston-Garland-Grand intersection.

Arboretum Village, which belongs to developers Lincoln Property Company, has been stripped down to the bare bones since construction began in early January.

It once looked like this…

Arboretum Village _ beginning

But Lincoln wants it to look like this…


So in the meantime, crews have been out with heavy machinery, clawing the old building to shreds in order to make room for the brand new shopping center.

In mid-January, the building looked like this…

Arboretum Village _ Construction begins 1

By the end of January, it looked like this…

Arboretum Village Cont 1

And in mid-February it looked like this…

Arboretum Village construction 2

Today, Feb. 26, construction crews are out in full force, and the building has been transformed to a skeleton of its former self. (I would say “former glory,” but let’s be honest; it was never very glorious.)

Arboretum Village _ construction update 3

When it’s all said and done, Lincoln plans to build a brand new shopping center in its place.

So far we know of at least three future tenants for the shopping center. First The Fresh Market signed on, and then Ace Hardware agreed to transplant from its current location in Lakewood Shopping Center to Arboretum Village. Most recently, Luke’s Locker became the third tenant to sign on the dotted line.

For more information about the shopping strip, type “Arboretum Village” into our search bar.

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