I recently came across a copy of an interesting survey the American Animal Hospital Association conducted with pet owners throughout the country. The study sheds light on the relationship we have with our pets. Here are a few of the survey results:

• 69 percent of dog owners and 60 percent of cat owners give their pets as much attention as they would their children.
• 58 percent of pet owners frequently or occasionally feel guilty when their pet isn’t given enough attention.
• 54 percent of pet owners feel an emotional dependence on their pets.
• 57 percent of cats and 32 percent of dogs sleep with their owners on the bed.
• 55 percent of dogs and 46 percent of cats are named after humans; less than one third have pet names, such as Rover or Spot.
• 56 percent of pets have nicknames.
• 79 percent of pet owners own dogs; 57 percent own cats.
• 49 percent of cat owners never feed the pets human food.
• 24 percent of dog owners feed their pet human food every day.
• 54 percent of cat owners would choose to live with a behavioral problem, while only 25 percent of dog owners would be so forgiving.

By comparing this years’ responses with past years’ surveys, it was determined that dog ownership has remained flat during the past few years while cat ownership increased by 5 percent. This could suggest a trend toward a lower maintenance pet as our lifestyles become more busy.

How do you fit in?