Five East Dallas real estate agents raised $10,000 and filled a 24-foot truck with food for the peace pantries in the Woodrow Wilson feeder pattern.

The newly formed team supports a local charity each quarter, and the Woodrow peace pantry was the first recipient.

The peace pantry helps provide meals and healthy snacks for students in need.

Team member Nancy Wilson founded the peace pantry at the school and has continued to support it over the years.

“My kids went to school there. I was PTA president, and I saw hunger among students and what it does to them,” Wilson said. “Due to COVID, there was a little bit more of a need than in the past. The peace pantry makes an impact on our direct community, whether it be teachers or students.”

In the past, Wilson filled the pantry through word of mouth, but one of her teammates used to own a marketing company and wanted to grow their efforts. They spread the word through social media and neighborhood associations and filled a 24-foot glass truck with food. There was so much food, the football team had to come unload it, Wilson said.

The cash will be distributed to all peace pantries in the feeder pattern, and it can be used to help families pay for perishable food items at grocery stores, school uniforms and other items.

The women of the Live Local Group, affiliated with Coldwell Banker Realty, include Wilson, Karen Hartman, Maggie Terilli, Kim Maher and Aimee Elkman.

Contact the Live Local Group at for more ways to help.

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