A new “Star Wars” movie comes out this December, and it seems that Taylor and Lane Kulovitz’s whippet, Gal, is already in training to become a Jedi master. Nine years ago, Taylor picked up Gal from a breeder in Kansas and found out she was in the lineage of a champion racer. Gal didn’t have the right body type to compete, but Taylor was ecstatic for the chance to bring home this cuddly cutie. This couch potato loves to get under the covers, and will take her time each night preparing her bed, gently nuzzling the blankets until it’s just right. Taylor and Lane have to make sure they don’t step on a pile of blankets on the floor, as Gal is likely to be cocooned in a cave of bedding at night. This pup goes by many names around the Kulovitz home, including Sis and Galpal, but Taylor knows what to call her. “She’s the love of my life,” he says.

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