I heard an unconfirmed rumor today, but if it’s true, it going to make the heart of Lakewood even cooler than it already is. The new Times Ten Cellars building that faces Kidwell (one block west of Abrams) used to be occupied by a valet company. I felt sorry for those guys because the side of their beige building faced a dark parking lot that made it essentially a huge, well-concealed canvas for taggers. Every week it seemed some guy was out there with a bucket of paint mopping over some petty criminal’s attempts at self-aggrandizement.

Anyway, word came to me through a third party today that the Times Ten guys have hired a local muralist to do a mural on that building. I’m hoping, if true, that it will keep the taggers away and end up being a really cool piece of local art.

I’ve got a call into Times Ten to confirm and get more details. Will update if I get a call back.

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