It has been nearly a month since high winds pummeled Dallas. Although some neighborhoods have returned to normal, others are still waiting for debris cleanup, with the evidence piled high in their front yards.

City officials told the Dallas Morning News that most East Dallas areas have had pickup service already, but a graphic from the newspaper shows the most eastern part of the neighborhood will be one of the last areas to be cleaned.

(Graphic from the Dallas Morning News.)

For neighbors still waiting for pickup service, here is what you can do with the limbs on your curb. The City of Dallas has suspended normal brush and bulk service, and through the month of July, crews are expected to focus only on storm debris collection.

The City hired 10 more contract crews, bringing the total to 35, to help pick up the debris, according to the Morning News. City officials estimate the storm left about 500,000 cubic yards of brush across Dallas, and around 300,000 cubic yards have been picked up.

Assistant City Manager Joey Zapata told the Morning News workers are “powering through” the equivalent of five months of routine bulk and brush pickup in the affected areas. They still expect the cleanup to be completed by August.