I didn’t realize a national Garden Writers Association exists, but it apparently has hundreds of members — and this trade group of garden journalists for publications like the New York Times, Living Magazine and Fine Gardening will soon be making a stop at Stonewall Jackson Elementary. (Here’s the Advocate back story and video.) The association will tour gardens in Dallas as part of its annual conference, and will stroll through the Stonewall garden on Monday morning, Sept. 13. “We hope their short visit to the garden that day will interest them in our program so that they return to write articles about it,” the Stonewall PTA newsletter states. “This is a great opportunity to showcase the garden, which in turn will help us in raising funds to keep the program thriving.”

In other neighborhood garden news, the Dallas Arboretum recently received high profile visitors, too. The executive producer of the TLC show “Four Weddings” flew in for a site visit in late July to scout out a location to film the show’s final segment. The producer chose the arboretum (according to spokeswoman Terry Lendecker, they also scouted locations in Miami, the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and a large mansion in Dallas, though didn’t say which one) and filmed for two days in late August. The show ordered 50 dozen roses from McShan Florist, and the final segment, Lendecker says, is “the winner coming out of the historic DeGolyer Estate, and the groom coming out of a limo that is driven up to the front of the estate.” The episode will air in mid-September.

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