Lakewood neighbor Sharon Miller warned of a possible phone scam via a post on the social media website Nextdoor.

In the post, Miller said she received a call on Friday from a woman possibly named Donna Lopez, who told Miller that her (Miller’s) electricity would be turned off in 30 minutes because Miller had not paid her last two months’ bills.

Miller told her she had paid her bills, but the woman said she could not find the checks. She told Miller she needed to go to 7-Eleven to buy a Green Dot card (which is a prepaid debit card) and give her the number on the back of the card. Lopez also told Miller that if they found the checks, Miller would need to pay $10 for FedEx to return the money. For that, she would need Miller’s credit card number.

“This is a way to get your credit card number,” Miller warns. “She calls before 7 a.m. I called the police, but I’m not sure if anything will be done. I gave the police her name and phone number because it was on my caller ID.”

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