Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 8.49.39 AMNeighbors near Glencoe Park are collecting signatures in hopes of putting the brakes on a proposed zoning change in their area.

The zoning change in question is at the hands of developer Trammell Crow Residential, which according to Burt Zinser, president of Glencoe Park Neighborhood Association, has its sights on the properties along Ellsworth, Winton and Anita, adjacent to Glencoe Park’s northern boundary, where 34 duplex properties are currently located.

Trammell Crow has the properties under contract, contingent upon a zoning change that would allow them to turn said duplexes into a 350+ unit apartment complex.

And surrounding neighbors aren’t happy about it, Zinser says.

“It would increase the density by a significant multiple,” he explains. “Density impacts us because the only way in and out of the neighborhood is on McMillan, where it intersects Mockingbird. There’s already a lot of traffic at that stop sign.”

Glencoe Zoning changeOn Tuesday, a group gathered to discuss the proposed zoning change and sign a petition against it, which they will submit to Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston.

Every person at the meeting was unanimously against it, Zinser says.

“We’re opposed to the overcrowding of the neighborhood elementary school (Stonewall Jackson). We’re opposed to the density increase, which would heavily impact traffic moving in and out of the neighborhood, and then we’re opposed to it because of the negative impact it would have on neighborhood values.

“I have yet to meet anybody who is for this, or who even says, ‘That’s not a bad idea,’ ” Zinser says. “People are passionately against it. We are hoping that Philip Kingston will stand with us against it.”

For anyone interested in signing the petition, print out the form, sign it and email it to Ted Thompson, the president of Greenland Hills Neighborhood Association. Or put it through the front door mail slot at 5250 Ridgedale Avenue.

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