Former principal emeritus Wayne Pierce is giving thanks for the return of his “baby”. The 1967 green Mustang he drove to school each day for 17 years (as immortalized in Texas Monthly story “Woodrow – A School that Works”) recently was stolen from his driveway.

The car was found in less-than-mint condition, but it should be restored by now, along with Mr. Pierce’s easy-going demeanor.

A few months ago, I floated the suggestion that one of the new DISD schools be named for Mr. Pierce. I suggested that the new grades 4-6 school going up on East Grand near Tenison would be perfect.

Unfortunately, the Dallas Public Schools have a rule that prohibits pre-posthumous appellations.

Former PTA president and current SCE Public Relations Chair Cookie Stokes pointed out: “W.T. White was still alive when a school was named for him.”

I should have known that. He signed our report cards.

Woodrow in the News

City Councilman Charlotte Mayes, latest victim of the “Unatapper” who felled former DISD board member Dan Peavy, faced an opponent from Woodrow in her last council race.

Who? Kenneth Green, ’78, an attorney and former cheerleader, like his sister Jackie, ’76. He is the originator of the “BA ain’t no big thing” cheer, referring to Bryan Adams High School.

West Coast Roundup

Former cheerleader finalist Tim Costello, ’76, lives in northern California near the Russian River. I visited with him on a recent trip and found that he had almost lost his Texas accent.

He hadn’t forgotten his days at Woodrow, although he called when the 49ers recently whipped the Cowboys. Tim was born a triplet with his sister, Cindy, and late brother, Phil, who also were in the class of 1976.

Once during our tenure at Woodrow, former principal Wayne Pierce used the school intercom to make this announcement: “There’s a car in the parking lot which is running, and the keys are locked inside.”

It took Phil a few minutes to realize he had done the deed.

All right, no more embarrassing moments. Don’t send any about me.

Meanwhile, there is sad news from Bill Kieschnick, who lives near Tim in the Wine Country – his wife, Keith Ann, recently died. The two graduated two years apart in the early 1940s and met for the first time many years later in California. They were among the subjects of one of my Woodrow romance columns. Bill is the retired CEO of ARCO.

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Volleyball

Congratulations to the girls on our 14-4 volleyball team. They advanced to the Class 4-A area playoffs and lost to one of the state’s most formidable teams, Red Oak (34-4).

1946 Reunion Power

The class of 1946 is planning its 50th anniversary in May 1996. Jeannine and Bob Verinder are rounding up addresses. Call 348-5104 for information.

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