He wears the trademark jumpsuits only on special occasions, and sporadically tries to sing songs by other musicians, but the ghost of Elvis Presley hangs heavily over Preston Hollow musician Domingo Carvajal. “I’m tied to him forever, it seems like,” says Carvajal, whose deep-voiced twang closely resembles that of The King. “Yeah,” he says, “people have told me I sound like Elvis so many times. I started out singing country music, but so many people told me that, after a while I started singing Elvis stuff, too. And it’s gone from there.” That was almost 30 years ago. Since then, Carvajal has competed in a few Elvis impersonator competitions throughout the country, even placing third out of 60 contestants in The King’s hometown of Tupelo, Miss. But most of his singing is done during his regular gigs at restaurants and more than a dozen retirement homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He tries to work various classic rock staples by the likes of Ray Orbison and Everly Brothers into his sets along with Elvis, but many audiences, particularly those in retirement homes, don’t take kindly to this. “Oh man, older people just love them some Elvis,” Carvajal says. “I have to force the other stuff on them. They’d just as soon listen to me sing nothing but The King.”

Catch Domingo Carvajal when he performs for diners at La Parrillada. Call 214.327.5513 for performance times. (And don’t hesitate to request any of your favorites from The King.)

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