Blade, photo courtesy of Lilia Hollis

Blade, photo courtesy of Lilia Hollis

This sweet boy’s name is Blade and no, he’s not a vampire slayer. He got his name from the scar down his back, a result of a bad burn he got when he was 4-5 weeks old. He is 3 months old now and is all healed up. That burn turned out to be Blade’s lucky day — it got him out of the backyard breeder’s home and into our rescue.

Blade is an American Staffordshire Terrier and is about 3 months old. He is extremely sweet, devoted, playful and curious. He loves people and loves to play. He will be an amazing family pet. Blade will be a large, muscular dog — around 60 pounds.  Both of Blades parents look exactly like him, and he will be a full size Staffie.

This breed was the national dog of the USA at the turn of the century and was considered the “baby-sitter” since the breed was so good with kids. Staffordshires need exercise, extensive ongoing socialization and respond well to a confident owner who knows how to establish and enforce rules of behavior. Staffordshires are dependable, good-natured and loyal companions.

If you are interested, contact White Rock Dog Rescue at 214.507.4016 or email: There is an application process, and home visits will be done on all serious applicants.

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