The City of Dallas has been informed by the Texas Department of Transportation that final approval has been granted by the Environmental Affairs Division for the construction of a sound wall from McCommas to Monticello.

The plans are being drawn, and construction is scheduled to begin in mid-1998 or when the right-of-way has been obtained, whichever is later. Irrigation between Vickery and Monticello and between McCommas and Martel will be included in the final plans.

This sound wall is the result of the controversial traffic management study that was conducted along Central Expressway between McCommas and Knox/Henderson nearly two years ago.

Other neighborhood improvements that resulted from this study have already been completed. Some of these include:

• Reconfiguring existing speed bumps to meet the latest specifications.

• Upgrading speed advisory signs and playground area signs.

• Switching the direction of existing stop signs from north-south to east-west at three intersections along Worcola and the intersection at Goodwin and Glencoe.

• Prohibiting right turns onto Martel from the frontage road to protect Glencoe Park from cut-through traffic.

The City plans to re-evaluate the traffic patterns once the North Central Expressway construction is completed at the end of 1999.

White Rock Lake Restoration

A meeting was held two weeks ago at the Northeast Police Substation to discuss the status of the White Rock Lake project.

Members of the City staff, along with representatives from the consulting and contracting firms, were in attendance. David Dybala, City Public Works Director, opened the meeting by introducing the Carter & Burgess consultants and the contractors that were recently awarded the contract to dredge the lake: Steve Bowman of Oscar Renda Construction; Jim Clark, president of Soli-Flo; and Mark Korkowski, vice president of Soli-Flo. The contractors were present to answer questions about the project.

We’re still on an accelerated work schedule, and the estimated completion date is August 1999. The project is still within our planned budget.

If you would like to be on the mailing list for future lake meetings, call my office at 214-670-4069.

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